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We are always looking for pictures and stories of the people that were members of the Beech Grove Presbyterian Church in Washington County, Indiana.  We are dedicated to preserving the History of these ancestors and need your help.

We are in need of pictures of each and every person buried in the Beech Grove Cemetery in their younger years as well as their later years.  This will be put into the "Beech Grove Cemetery Book" as well as shown on this site.  Any Family group pictures are excellent historical records.  photos of documents like Civil War records, wills, deeds, draft registrations, homes, Letters, and business records are all welcome.  If you have stories about any families or  Individuals please feel free to send them.

To help correctly identify, please provide the following:
-Family name under which it should be located
-Names of person or persons that are in the picture
-Date and location or place where the picture was taken
-Describe the Document and who has the document now
-Give us your name and contact info 
               -phone numbers, Address, Email, etc. if we have questions.

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To send pictures, Stories or other files to this site use the following email


We are dedicated to supporting the Beech Grove Cemetery Association and all the Families that hold this history so Dear!